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The practical sour cream pack holder with an engraved plant motif designed with a special handicraft technique holds both small and large sour cream pack coolly. The product is easy to use: the round openings at the top make it comfortable to grab and lift. Master Helemall Maask .

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Practical sour cream package holder with engraved plant motif. The holder fits in both small and large sour cream packs. The product is easy to use: the round openings at the top make it comfortable to grab and lift.

This product was born out of the practical need to win the battle over sour cream packs loosening up in the refrigerator. As a result of long testing, the functional design of this product was born, which has been approved by dozens of practically sour cream friends in Estonia who faced a similar problem.

The holder of the sour cream package is designed in colors typical of the cultural region of Lake Peipus and with a pattern emphasizing the specifics of the region. The blue color emphasizes the local temperament, which has been influenced by the proximity of one of the largest lakes in Europe and culture border with slavic elements. Peipus blue color differs from the calmer Scandinavian blue in its strong character, which stems from its geographical and cultural environment.

The pattern on the side of the sour cream pack holder is called “Dill and Gooseberry”. Both elements of the pattern have a strong local bond. Dill is grown in huge quantities on local gardens, as it is needed almost everywhere in the cuisine of the Lake Peipus region – dill is used as a herb in salting fish and preserving cucumbers, dill is dried and frozen for winter soup or sauce. Dill is a mandatory ingredient in fresh salads, sandwiches and chopped freshly boiled potatoes. Sour cream and dill work together in a dipping sauce like a sock and boot.

Gooseberry, which complements the pattern next to dill, is also a very common garden culture. Whose grandmother’s garden wouldn’t have grown from a gooseberry bush? Memories of the grandmother’s gooseberry bush and walking in the village as a child in the village also make the notes of closeness to nature resound in the heart of a long-time city dweller. In this way, placing a sour cream package on the table evokes pleasant memories of a warm summer and a happy childhood in the countryside with gramma.

The product is made of natural white high-heat clay and covered with a dark blue angiobic layer. The plant pattern is then engraved.

Because the pattern is engraved on each product by hand and without stencils, the pattern and color strength of the products may differ slightly.

High heat incineration ensures durability of the object in everyday use. The product is dishwasher safe.

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 14 × 7 × 11 cm


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