Master's story

Peipsikaup master Jaana Mäoma

Jaana Mäoma


I’m Jaana and I like crafts. As a hobby, I make chocolate cards and crochet basketry. I also like to knit socks and rugs on looms in winter.

I am actually an accountant by profession and crafts are a calming activity for me. There is a lot of thinking during the working day, and by doing handicrafts I can turn myself out of everyday life, let my thoughts float elsewhere. The craft is like my personal fairy tale – in pastel tones, lacy, with lots of flowers, ribbons and butterflies.

I am from Tartu. 17 years ago, I made the decision to come to live in the countryside. I am a mother of four and live in Mehikoorma village. To get better acquainted with the locals and local life, I joined the Meeksi Rural Women’s Society. Together with local women, we carried out various handicraft projects and there was also a greater interest in making handicrafts.

We go on excursions to different places with the Society’s women in summer. For example, one year we went to Haapsalu to learn abotu their famous scarves. Sometimes we visit other societies in other villages. These trips help to find inspiration and new experiences. We used to meet once a month and each month had a different topic. We celebrated birthdays together at these meetings, and the birthday party host had always had to come up with the topic of the meeting. That’s how we had usually someone to perform or teach something.

On such a birthday event, we once had to make chocolate cards, from which I got the idea of my handicraft product. During the training, I learned how to make chocolate cards, stocked up material and also tried to make it on my own. At first I made them as a gift to close friends and since I received positive feedback, I also started making them for sale.

I am calm and focused by nature, so manual activities are good for me. I like to study and deal with different materials and works. In order to acquire new skills and supplement the existing ones, I went to study specialty of textile handicraft at Räpina School of Horticulture. It was the right decision.

Peipuscraft master Jaana Mäoma

How do I do that?

I use different cartons to make chocolate boxes. It must be a thicker and higher quality material. Of the colors, I prefer lighter ones, but sometimes I also use dark red. I use beige tones the most and besides them, pink is also one of my favorites. I like pastel colors because they are calm.

I love to use feminine materials for decoration – lace, ribbons and flowers. Sometimes I also use metal ornaments. I use double-sided tape to secure. I fasten flowers and metal decorations with glue or rivets with a hot air gun.

First I select the cardboard and then I start to match different materials. Each card is always unique.

When making baskets, I use a different colored leotard. I use the number eight crochet hook to crochet. I start crocheting the basket by crocheting the bottom. Then crochet the sides. Crochet baskets can be decorated with ribbons, lace and crochet flowers. I crochet baskets round, square, both with and without handles.

The leotard straps are cotton and stretchy – thanks to this they can be adjusted to different shapes. The crochet must be strong enough to tighten the ribbons very tightly. Then the basket also becomes durable.