Mug with engraved pattern


Ceramic mug with an exciting embossed pattern and round bottom, which is comfortable to hold and easy to wash. Painted with a blue, yellow or red anchor and glazed with a transparent glossy glaze. Master Kaur Vasli.

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Drinking coffee or tea can be, in addition to the routine, a morning ritual with the little secret tricks only you know. Whether your morning is bright red, happy yellow or calm blue – it’s up to you. With your personal mug selection, you can add the most suitable color to it.

When you wake up in the morning, many things happen as if on autopilot. The usual physical experience creates a pleasant feeling of security from a familiar environment. You can recognize the mug with an embossed pattern even if you just touch it without looking at. You can look in the distance for a while and feel like you’re in your own world. Glazed with a transparent glossy glaze to bring out the color and texture that is interesting to discover by hand.

The pattern, created in the abstract sgraffito technique, is formed by deep cuts made in the clay body, which, by removing the anchor covering the surface at the section, bring out the white clay body. Each cut is unique and the entire surface of the mug is evenly covered with a pattern. In creating the pattern, an exciting overseas technique is combined with an atmosphere inspired by local nature and the environment. It can be related to the clouds floating above Lake Peipus as well as to the waves of the lake.

Peipus land also has deep roots in the manufacture of ceramics. In the selection of raw materials, tradition is intertwined with the practical need for high quality. The mug is turned on potter’s wheel of high heat clay produced in Germany with low fireclay content. It is a clay specially developed for ceramics that can withstand burning at very high temperatures. Burned at 1220 C in an electric oven. This gives the ceramics good resistance to breakage so that the product can withstand more intensive use.

Thanks to the increased durability, the daily maintenance of the mug is easy – it can be washed in the dishwasher, just like any other kitchen utensil. This will save you a little more time for yourself.

Capacity approx. 400ml.

Weighs about 200g.

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 14 cm

Red, Blue


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