Our masters

For us, handicraft means first and foremost an experience that is born in the interaction of special production techniques with natural materials. Each item has a fragment of the master and the peculiarity of the region.

The masters of Lake Peipus area are united by a passion for their handicrafts and accompanying creations. We do this out of love for our roots, local nature and heritage. And especially because we just like it. We have come to the craft in different ways, but we all had a common recognition – we realized that we were doing the right thing. Each of us has our own trick and favorite way of making our products. One thing is for sure – the result comes from the heart and the desire to make the world a little better.

The community of masters

All items sold on this page are handmade, with exclusive technology and individually designed. Each master gives a personal guarantee regarding the high quality of his products and compliance with the values agreed in the community of Lake Peipus area masters. Find out more about what they have to say about this.

Peipsikaam potter Kaur Vasli

Kaur Vasli


Peipsikaup master craftsman Eneken Volkov

Eneken Volkov

jewelry artist

Olavi Pihlapuu, winemaker of Räpina Creative House

Olav Pihlapuu

winemaker of Räpina Creative House

Peipsikaup clothing master Nati Asi

Nati Asi

clothing master

Peipsikaup master Jaana Mäoma

Jaana Mäoma


Master of Lake Peipus goods Tiit Purika

Tiit Purika

chaga master

Lace master Karin Otsus

Karin Otsus

lace master

Pepsi ceramics Helemall Maask

Helemall Maask