Privacy Policy

Peipsikaup has set itself the goal of being a reliable partner for you in processing personal data and respecting your rights. Accordingly, we have established a privacy policy regarding the collection, use, disclosure, transmission and storage of customer data.


1.1. A data subject is a person about whom Peipsikauba has information or information with which it is possible to identify a person. Data subjects are, for example, Customers, cooperation partners and employees about whom Peipsikaup has Personal Data.

1.2. The Privacy Policy is this text, which sets out the principles for the processing of Personal Data of Peipsikaup.

1.3. Personal data is any information about an identified or identifiable person.

1.4. Processing of Personal Data is any operation performed on the Data Subject’s Personal Data. For example, the collection, storage, organization, storage, modification and disclosure of personal data, access, retrieval and extraction, use, transmission, cross-use, aggregation, closure, deletion or destruction, or several of the foregoing, regardless of the manner and means used.

1.5. The customer is any natural or legal person who uses or has expressed a wish to use the services of Peipsikaup.

1.6. The Agreement is a Service or other agreement entered into between Peipsikaup and the Customer.

1.7. The website peipsikaup.ee is the internet shop of Peipsikaup.

1.8. A visitor is a person who uses the Peipsikaup website.

1.9. A child is a person under the age of 13 in the context of the Processing of Personal Data in the Republic of Estonia.

1.10. Services are all services and products offered by Peipsikauba.

1.11. Cookies are data files that are sometimes stored on the Website Visitor’s device.

1.12. Peipsikaup Data Protection Officer is a person who follows the application of the Principles of Processing Personal Data of Peipsikaup and whom the Data Subject can contact in case of a complaint.

1.13. Sales channels are the ways of communication with the Data Subject used by Peipsikaup, a tool created for the sale of goods and the provision of services. Including e-mail, telephone, public and social media, various chat lines, personalized and interactive ads and other similar tools on Websites and elsewhere.

1.14. The product portfolio is various products and Services of Peipsikaup, the list of which is available on the website peipsikaup.ee.

In the Privacy Policy, the Agreement, the General Terms and Conditions and the communication between the parties, the terms have the meanings given above.


2.1. Peipsikaup is a legal entity MTÜ RAPPIN KOTUS, registry code 80186852, located at Pargi tn 31, Räpina, Põlvamaa 64505

2.2. Personal data may be processed by Peipsikaup:

2.2.1. determining the purposes and means of processing as controller;

2.2.2. as an authorized processor in accordance with the instructions of the controller;

2.2.3. as the recipient to the extent to whom the Personal Data is transmitted.

2.3. The Privacy Terms and Conditions apply to the Data Subjects and all Peipsikaup employees and cooperation partners who have contact with the Personal Data held by Peipsikaup proceed from the rights and obligations specified in the Privacy Terms.

2.3.1. The Privacy Policy may be supplemented by the privacy notices published on the Website or on the devices, and the Privacy Policy may be amended and supplemented by them.


3.1. When processing Personal Data, Peipsikaup always proceeds from the interests, rights and freedoms of the Data Subjects.

3.2. The purpose of Peipsikaup is responsible Personal Data Processing, which is based on best practice, keeping in mind that we are always ready to demonstrate the compliance of Personal Data Processing with the set goals.

3.3. All processes, instructions, operations and activities related to the processing of Personal Data in Peipsikaup are based on the following principles:

3.3.1. Legality. In the case of the processing of personal data, there is a legal basis for this, such as consent;

3.3.2. Justice. The processing of Personal Data is fair, in particular by requiring that the Data Subject has sufficient information and information on how the Personal Data is Processed.

3.3.3. Transparency. The processing of personal data is transparent to the Data Subject.

3.3.4. Purposefulness. Personal data shall be collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and not further processed in a way incompatible with those purposes.

3.3.5. Correctness. The Personal Data is correct and, if necessary, updated, and all reasonable measures have been taken to delete or correct the Personal Data that is incorrect for the purpose of the Processing of Personal Data.

3.3.6. Storage restriction. Personal data shall be kept in a form which permits identification of data subjects for no longer than is necessary for the purpose for which the personal data are processed. This means that if Peipsikaup wishes to keep the Personal Data for longer than is necessary due to the purpose of collection, Peipsikaup will anonymise the data in such a way that the Data Subject is no longer identifiable. In the case of data received by Peipsikaup through a customer or other similar relationship, Peipsikaup retains the data processed in accordance with best practice and on the basis of consent until the consent is withdrawn.

3.3.7. Reliability and confidentiality. The processing of Personal Data shall take place in a manner that ensures appropriate security of the Personal Data, including protection against unauthorized or unlawful Processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage, using reasonable technical or organizational measures. Peipsikaup has internal instructions, rules for employees, as well as separate agreements with each authorized processor, which provide for best practices, continuous risk assessment and appropriate technical and organizational measures for the processing of Personal Data.


4.1. Peipsikaup collects the following types of Personal Data, among others:

4.1.1. Personal Data (name, e-mail address, postal address, telephone number) disclosed to Peipsikauba by the Data Subject;

4.1.2. Personal Data arising as a result of normal communication between the Data Subject and Peipsikaup;

4.1.3. Personal data obviously disclosed by the data subject (eg on social media);

4.1.4. Personal Data generated when consuming the services (eg when purchasing from an e-store);

4.1.5. Personal Data generated as a result of visiting and using the Website (eg time spent on the Website);

4.1.6. Personal Data sent from third parties;

4.1.7. Personal data created and combined by Peipsikaup (correspondence within the customer relationship or list of order history).


5.1. Peipsikaup Processes Personal Data exclusively on the basis of consent or law.

5.2. On the basis of consent, Peipsikaup processes personal data exactly within the limits, to the extent and for the purposes specified by the Data Subject. In the case of consents, Peipsikaup proceeds from the principle that each consent must be clearly distinguishable from other issues, and in a comprehensible and easily accessible form, in clear and simple language. Consent may be given in writing or by electronic means or by oral statement. The data subject gives consent voluntarily, specifically, knowingly and unambiguously, for example by ticking a box on the Website.

5.3. Legitimate interest means the interest of Peipsikaup in the management and administration of its own company in order to enable it to offer the best possible Services on the market. On the basis of law, Peipsikaup processes Personal Data only after a careful assessment to establish that Peipsikauba has a legitimate interest, on the basis of which the Processing of Personal Data is necessary and in accordance with the interests and rights of the Data Subject. In particular, the processing of Personal Data on the basis of a legitimate interest may take place for the following purposes:

5.3.1. To ensure a trusted customer relationship, such as the Processing of Personal Data, which is strictly necessary to identify the actual beneficiaries or to prevent fraud;

5.3.2. Management and analysis of the Customer base in order to improve the availability, selection, quality of the Services and products and to make the best and most personal offers to the Customer if agreed;

5.3.3. Identifiers and Personal Data collected when using the Websites, mobile applications and other Services. Peipsikaup uses the collected data for web analysis or analysis of mobile and information society services, ensuring operation, improvement, compiling statistics and analyzing the Visitor’s behavior and user experience, and providing a better and more personal Service;

5.3.4. Organization of campaigns, including organization of personalized and targeted campaigns, conducting customer and visitor satisfaction surveys and measuring the effectiveness of marketing activities performed;

5.3.5. Analysis of Customer and Visitor behavior in different Sales Channels, Websites;

5.3.6. Measures taken for network, information and cyber security reasons, such as combating piracy and ensuring the security of the Websites and for making and storing backups;

5.3.7. For the preparation, filing or defense of legal claims.

5.4. In order to fulfill an obligation arising from law, Peipsikaup processes Personal Data in order to fulfill obligations provided by law or to implement the uses permitted by law. For example, there are legal obligations to process payments or to comply with money laundering rules.

5.5. If the Processing of Personal Data takes place for a new purpose than the one for which the Personal Data was originally collected, or is not based on the consent of the Data Subject, Peipsikaup will carefully assess the admissibility of such new Processing.


6.1. Peipsikaup cooperates with persons to whom Peipsikaup may transfer data related to Data Subjects, including Personal Data, within the framework and for the purpose of cooperation.

6.2. Such third parties may include advertising and marketing partners, customer satisfaction survey companies, debt collection service providers, payment default registers, IT partners, persons brokering or providing postal services, institutions and organizations, provided that:

6.2.1. the respective purpose and Processing is lawful;

6.2.2. The processing of personal data takes place in accordance with the instructions of Peipsikaup and on the basis of a valid agreement.


7.1. Peipsikaup retains Personal Data only for the strictly minimum necessary time. Personal data, the retention period of which has expired, shall be destroyed using the best practices and in accordance with the procedure established by Peipsikaup.

7.2. Peipsikaup has established guidelines and rules of procedure on how to ensure the security of Personal Data through the use of both organizational and technical measures.

7.3. In the event of any incident related to the Personal Data, Peipsikaup will take all necessary measures to mitigate the consequences and mitigate the relevant risks in the future. Among other things, Peipsikaup registers all incidents and notifies the Data Protection Inspectorate and the Data Subject directly in the case provided for this purpose.


8.1. Peipsikaup Services, including information society services, are not aimed at children.

8.2. Peipsikaup does not knowingly collect information about persons under 13 years of age, ie Children, and in case of conscious activity in this regard, we follow the wishes of the parent or guardian.

8.3. If Peipsikaup finds out that it has still collected Personal Data from or about the Child, Peipsikaup will do its best to stop processing such Personal Data.


9.1. Consent rights:

9.1.1. The data subject has the right at any time to notify Peipsikaup of his / her wish to withdraw the consent for the processing of Personal Data.

9.1.2. You can withdraw the consent of the recipient of the newsletter given to Peipsikaup from the link below the newsletter.

9.2. When processing personal data, the Data Subject also has the following rights:

9.2.1. The right to receive information, ie the Data Subject’s right to receive information about the Personal Data collected about him or her.

9.2.2. The right to inspect data which includes, inter alia, the Data Subject’s right to a copy of the Personal Data to be processed.

9.2.3. Right to correct incorrect Personal Data.

9.2.4. The right to delete data, ie in certain cases the Data Subject has the right to demand that Personal Data be deleted, for example, if the Processing takes place only on the basis of consent.

9.2.5. The right to demand a restriction on the processing of personal data. This right arises, among other things, if the Processing of Personal Data is not permitted on the basis of law or if the Data Subject disputes the accuracy of the Personal Data. The Data Subject has the right to demand that the Processing of Personal Data be limited to a time that allows the controller to verify the accuracy of the Personal Data or if the Processing of Personal Data is illegal, but the Data Subject does not request the deletion of personal data.

9.2.6. The right to an assessment of the supervisory authority as to whether the processing of the Personal Data of the Data Subject is lawful.


10.1. Exercise of rights:

10.1.1. In the event of a question, request or complaint related to the Processing of Personal Data, the Data Subject has the right to contact Peipsikaup by e-mail info@peipsikaup.ee.

10.2. Filing complaints:

10.2.1. The Data Subject has the right to file a complaint with Peipsikaup, the Data Protection Inspectorate or a court if the Data Subject finds that his or her rights have been violated during the Processing of Personal Data.

10.2.2. The contact details of the Data Protection Board (AKI) can be found on the AKI website at: www.aki.ee.


11.1. Peipsikaup may collect and process data about Visitors to the Websites and other information society services using Cookies (ie small fragments of information stored by the Visitor’s browser on the visitor’s computer or other device’s hard drive) or other similar technologies (eg IP address, device information, location information).

11.2. Peipsikaup uses the collected data to enable the provision of the Service according to the habits of the Visitor or the Customer; ensure the best quality of service; to inform the Visitor and the Client about the content and make recommendations; make ads more relevant and intensify your marketing efforts; facilitate login and data protection. The collected data is also used to count Visitors and to record their usage habits.

11.3. Peipsikaup uses session, persistent and advertising cookies. The session cookie is automatically deleted after each visit; Persistent cookies remain after repeated use of the Website. Third Party Cookies are used by the Websites of Peipsikaup partners. Peipsikaup does not control the occurrence of these Cookies, so you can get information about these cookies from third parties

11.4. With regard to cookies, Visitors agree to their use on the Website, in the settings of the Information Society service or in a web browser.

11.5. Most web browsers allow cookies. Without fully enabling cookies, the functions of the Website will not be available to the Visitor. Enabling or disabling cookies and other similar technologies is under the control of the Visitor through their web browser settings, information society service settings and such privacy enhancing platforms.


12.1. The following documents, procedures, instructions are followed in applying the Privacy Policy of Peipsiua:

12.1.1. Register of Processing Operations, which contains all the purposes, methods, types and categories of Personal Data to be processed and the corresponding Bases for Processing;

12.1.2. Person’s e-store account, through which the Data Subject can access the Personal Data available on Peipus Goods about himself / herself; you can correct, change and exercise your other rights under the law and these Privacy Terms;

12.1.3. Principles for the use of organizational and technical measures for Peipsikaup, which set out the various measures that Peipsikaup applies to keep personal data confidential and secure at all times.

12.1.4. All About Cookies: Descriptions of cookies and other web technologies used by Peipsikaup.


13.1. Important contact information for Peipsikauba Data subject:

13.1.1. Peipsikaup can be contacted for personal data questions at the e-mail address info@peipsikaup.ee


14.1. Peipsikaup has the right to unilaterally change these Privacy Terms. Peipsikaup notifies Data Subjects of the change on the peipsikaup.ee website. We assume that if you start using the Peipsikaup website peipsikaup.ee, you have read and agreed to the privacy terms.