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Peipsikaup clothing master Nati Asi

Nati Asi

clothing master

Most of my conscious worker life I have taught children, both young and old. By profession I am a class teacher, later also educated as a kindergarten teacher. I like the sincere desire and interest of a small person to feel, notice and experience something completely new and exciting. This journey of discovery is a great responsibility for the teacher, because each pair of eyes must experience and see at the beginning of their life’s journey the very values that would accompany them throughout their lives.

The teacher’s work is unique every day, yet my secret desire was to do something with my own hands. I already liked handicrafts at school, but I didn’t have time to pay more attention to them then. My hobbies are singing, folk dance and handicrafts.

Since I am from Räpina, I decided to study at Räpina Horticultural school, specializing in national textile crafts. The school broadened my horizons and made me a craft addict in a good way. We learned many different techniques at school, but I was most attracted to sewing. In addition to my daily teaching work, I have also improved my skills at Tartu People’s University. My new love is comfortable clothes made of natural fabrics for both children and their mothers.

I remember the first clothes for my little son. There wasn’t much choice in the store, but my son had to get something nice. I sewed myself! Honestly, I still had the courage, because I didn’t really know how to sew. My desire was huge! This desire to create and sew something myself has always been with me.

Peipuscraft clothing master Nati Asi's studio

How do I do that?

It all starts with the fabric. Holding the new fabric in your hand, the idea immediately begins to move – who would suit what style the garment should be in and many different thoughts. I like to play with fabrics. I fit different patterns and colors together, creating exciting individual clothes as well as sets and so-called alike sets for mother-child, siblings, etc.

The clothes I create are very important to me. At Räpina Horticultural School, where I studied, I wrote my diploma about the symbolism of Räpina folk costume in more detail. In designing my brand, I have been inspired by the letter belt of Räpina folk costumes. I use this pattern with respect and pride. I add a brand to my created clothes.

What makes me move forward? Feedback and sincere pleasure and thanks from my wearer. When I see my created-sewn clothes in the street, it gives me the courage to act and definitely makes my heart warm!