Half gloves with dog wool


Hand-woven light gray half-gloves with dog wool. Practical wrist warmers that do not interfere with the smooth use of smart devices and computers or driving. 2 Icelandic whip stripes on the wrist part. Master Reet Pettai .

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The product was born out of a practical need – if you have to make a call or pick up the phone in the cold, you don’t have to take off your gloves. The fingertips and thumb are free when wearing semi-gloves. Semi-gloves have also been purchased by many computer users and drivers who need to keep their fingertips open, but at the same time want to keep their hands warm.
It is the most special product of the master. Semi-gloves can be worn at very different temperatures. With very crisp cold, usual gloves are put on semi-gloves. When the hands are warm, the gloves can be removed and the wrist glove keeps the wrist warm. When the wrist is warm, blood holds the fingertips also warm.

The wrist part is woven like a rib, so it is very close and the wrist stays warm. For a wrist warmer, it is important that the transition from is nicely covered. The elf has a woven wedge. The thumb wedge holds the half glove in the hand and does not pinch the hand. Knitted nicely just right for the hand. Finished garter stitch, with the worst and right stitch on the next row in a different place so that the edge does not start to roll and keeps it more stable.

The Icelandic wicker used in the pattern is an ethnographic decorative element most used in Setomaa on Lake Peipus and originally from Iceland. It is possible that the pattern was brought to Lake Peipus by the Vikings, from whom the ancestors of the seto people who were engaged in trade were willing to pick it up. Due to the previous heavy ship traffic, Lake Peipus has stood out with handicraft innovations that reached the hinterland a lot later.

Dog wool gives semi-gloves better heat retention and pleasant softness than usual, sheep wool elasticity and durability. Suitable for wrists that need more natural heat than usual. Wrist warmers are equally effective in balancing the effects of the external environment and the indoor climate. In cold weather, they help to keep the wearer feeling comfortable all over their body by keeping their hands warm. Should your hands sweat, wool, which absorbs moisture well, will keep them pleasantly warm. Continuous micromassage to improve blood supply stimulates the skin by stimulating blood circulation locally.

In addition to natural materials, the special heat resistance is ensured by a genuine weaving technique that leaves more air between the yarns. The half-gloves were knitted by hand on needles, not by machine. For the master, this is natural and the knitting technique itself is unique. As it is a long-lasting handicraft, it ensures the necessary softness and stretch.

The material of the yarn used is a mixture of white sheep wool and gray dog wool. Dog wool is softer to the body, does not scratch as much as domestic sheep wool. Second, airy and soft dog wool is more effective at keeping warm and is particularly well-suited to aching body parts that need to be kept as warm as possible.

It is an environmentally conscious product based on the principle of sustainable management. Animal owners do not throw away their favorite pet’s wool, but make sure that it is used and continues to serve people.

The wool blends are processed into yarn with 130-year-old machines in the Süvahavva wool factory by the Võhandu River. The machines have technological peculiarity. They work slowly, do not pull apart wool fibers, so it does not begin to prick later and feels softer.

Wrist length 10 cm,
blade length 11 cm,
good width 10 cm.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 27 × 13 × 10 cm


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