Lookalike set


Lookalike set are almost the same clothes for both a child and a parent. Ecotex natural dress fabrics used for sewing. Grown up size 46, children’s lengths 92cm and 98 cm.Master Nati Asi .

Who wouldn’t want to wear clothes like their mom’s! The clothes of the mother-child set are very similar. Similar coupon / image, similar background color, similar style. The only difference is the size of the garment. Kids love such kits very much.

It is also important to look similar in brother-sister kits. If the age difference of the children in the family is quite small, a small peculiar difference can be found in the clothes so that the wearer would still know and recognize his or her clothes.

This set is slightly Christmas themed. Long-sleeved tunic with tulle at the edge. White tulle for adults and sparkling silver for girls. For everyday wear or more festive occasions. The similarly dressed family looks special and forms a cohesive whole. The girls’ tunics have warm leggings, because they are a winter set.

The functionality of the sets is inspired by children who enjoy a rural and active lifestyle, whose clothes must be comfortable and practical in addition to their cool design. The raw material of the fabric is close to nature, typical of Peipusland products – it is sewn from eco-friendly fabric, which has the corresponding certificates.

If these products inspired you to want a different solution than the existing one, then the master is ready to make individual orders. Similar dresses, tunics, blouses, dresses or even hats make up a coherent whole.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 11 × 21 × 1 cm
Design / size

With bullfinch / 94-101, Unicorn with Christmas star / 104-110


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