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A children’s clothing set consists of several items of clothing that harmonize with each other and form a whole. Offer different designs and sizes. They are suitable both as a personal leisure garment and as a form of exercise. Sizes 110-116. Master Nati Asi .

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Dressing does not have to be a complicated and cumbersome procedure, where an agreement on the choice of a suitable item of clothing is reached through lengthy negotiations. If the clothing set has a pleasant connection for the child, dressing will always be a happy and expected activity. It is proud to run outside or work out with the characters from your favorite movie! The children’s clothing set has got functionality and inspired by rural and active children, whose clothes must be comfortable and practical in addition to their fierce design.

Children’s clothing set for girls and boys consists of a sweatshirt and sweatpants. The material used for sewing is close to nature, typical of Peipusland products – it is sewn from eco-friendly fabric, which has the corresponding certificates.

The kits are available in three sizes and four different designs:

  1. Dice set for wearing in cooler weather: long-sleeved sweatshirt and lined hood, trousers with pockets. The set also includes a lined hat that can be worn in two directions. The size is suitable for a 116 cm tall child. Price 42 €
  2. Car shorts for the warm season. Short-sleeved blouse, large car picture on the front, with pockets. The set also includes shorts. The color has both rubber and cord to adjust the waist circumference. Size suitable for a 110 cm tall child. Price 24 €
  3. Two-color dress set with a coupon with a picture of a girl (picture of a girl on the front). Thinner and suitable to wear both indoors and outdoors in spring in warm weather. Long-sleeved blouse and leggings. Size 104 cm. Price 30 €
  4. Set with a pink tunic with a coupon (picture of the girl on the front). Thinner and suitable to wear both indoors and outdoors in spring in warm weather. Tunic and leggings with a short sleeve. Size 104 cm. Price 30 €

If these products inspired you to want a different solution than the existing one, then the master is ready to make individual orders.

The style of the sweatshirt can be varied as desired – with or without a zipper, with a hood or high scarf collar, inner pockets or a kangaroo pocket. The style of sweatpants also varies – pockets, belt, etc. If desired, a suitable hat and neck can be added to the dress set.

When sewing girls’ tunics, I often use large coupons / pictures, which I match with a harmonious monochrome / patterned fabric. The style of the tunic can be straight-cut, with a sleeve, short sleeves / long sleeves. The leggings support the tunic with their choice of fabric, although they can be bolder in their work, for example, legs with different colors.

Sets of sets can be made according to size number or individual size.

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Dimensions 11 × 21 × 1 cm
Design / size

Long with dice 116, Car shorts 110, Dresses with a girl 104, With a girl in a tunic 104


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