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Of triple wool and linen woven braided belt, suitable for both summer linen than a winter woolen dress. Also worn with men’s clothing. Whether it’s a linen shirt for folk dancers or medieval clothes. The belt is braided with blue, yellow and red yarn. Length 216cm + fringes, width 1.7 cm. Master Karin Otsus .

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The Viking-style braided belt is suitable for wearing with medieval or folk costumes. At one time, belts were worn to stay healthy – even sleeping around the body. The belt was a protective clothing accessory at the time, as in the modern computer world, a cyber security hygiene requirement that provided anti-virus protection.

Such a belt holds the center of the wearer together, adds color to the clothes and can be proud of it. Such belts are worn by men in folk costumes. There was also one way to wear a fur coat or a winter coat.

In medieval clothing, the belt can also be used as a carrier. Such a belt is sometimes sewn on woolen clothes.

The manufacturing technology is early medieval and corresponds to Viking-era quality. In Viking times, Peipusland was one of the areas where handicraft innovations spread. In the manufacture of the belt, three fine yarns are twisted together to make the belt thicker and stronger. The right belt had to be strong enough to hold the horse.

Making a belt is a long process in which the master ties one end and then keeps twisting the yarns together and communicating. In the past, such crafts have been made in company and in communication with each other. It is a slow-moving and high-quality handicraft.

The belts must be washed by hand. Since it is quite strong, it does not have to be very fine when washing.

When ordering a belt other than this one, it is necessary to know the color wishes and the length and width. It takes 2-3 weeks to complete the order.

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