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Tatting lace earrings


Earrings made of handmade tatting lace. The earrings in the tatting lace technique are decorated with glass pearls, the total length of the jewelry is 6 cm, the hooks are nickel-free, lace is made of cotton thread no. 40, lightly starched. You can choose the color, pearls and hook. Master Karin Otsus .

The design of the earrings is inspired by the summer lightness, which is exemplified by the pleasantly warming sun and a light refreshing wind. Tatting lace earrings are light in weight and do not burden the ear. Due to their light weight, they are also suitable for little girls. They are easy to match with other clothes by choosing the appropriate color. Another very strong advantage of earrings is the uniqueness of their design – there is no risk that you will come across other people like you on the street. As this is a uncommon technique, earrings are also clearly different from the general mass.

Accessories made in lace technique are inspired by the glory times of Räpina manor or Sillapää castle From the middle of the 19th century until the beginning of the 20th century, when ladies wore beautiful lace clothes every day. Today, such a Victorian lace, even on a small accessory, marks the special style of the wearer or the uniqueness of the event chosen to be worn.

The lace pattern is made up of pairs knotted next to each other, each knot one by one – this is a job that requires a lot of time and precision. Due to the fact that the lace is formed from knots, it is more durable compared to conventional lace. No rupture. Does not sink into the loess. Keeps shape thanks to its strong structure.

Slightly starched to stay in shape. If exposed to rain, it should be maintained like a tablecloth.

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If the earrings in the selection have inspired you, it is also possible to change the thread, ear fastening and pattern in agreement with the master.


Light blue, Blue-white, Red


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