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Tatting lace brooch


The brooch, decorated with tatting lace and glass beads, is a unique piece of jewelry that is suitable for wearing in both summer and winter. The brooch with tatting lace is made entirely by hand and fastened by hand on a wool-like material. Packed in a box with a window measuring 7,5 x 7,5 x 2 cm. The customer can choose the color of the lace. Master Karin Otsus .

The brooch with tatting lace allows you to enliven your costume with a genuine and high-quality handcrafted element. A special accessory gives a suitable dress a second life and a more festive look. The brooch is decent and special enough to be worn both on weekdays and at festive events.

A brooch with a heart is suitable for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or an anniversary. The brooch with tatting lace is a gift that does not unnecessarily pollute the environment, offers joy for a long time and can be used as a multi-purpose decoration. Quite often this type of brooch is bought to take a gift abroad because it is compact, high quality, unique and very practical. This level of quality is a slow-moving handicraft that can also be passed on to future generations.

Inside the brooch there are layers of woolen material, not batting. The layers are getting smaller and smaller and will not sink anywhere – this form will remain very secure for many years. Properly secured fastening prevents accidental dropping of the brooch. The attachment is large enough to keep the brooch stable so that it does not flutter.

The diameter is 5.5 cm, the height is just under a centimeter, glass beads, lace material is cotton thread No. 40 (gray brooch has No. 80 thread and there are even more knots), the fastening on the back is secure, the content is made of recycled materials. Suffers hand wash if necessary.

You can also add more if you wish earrings . If you want to get a brooch in a different color than the one offered, the order preparation time is up to two weeks.

Shuttle lace patterns are inspired by the glory times of Räpina manor or Sillapää castle From the middle of the 19th century until the beginning of the 20th century, when ladies wore beautiful lace clothes on a daily basis. Today, such a Victorian lace, even on a small accessory, marks the special style of the wearer or the uniqueness of the event chosen to be worn.

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