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Tatting lace bookmark


A tatting lace bookmark is a special gift for a book lover, regardless of gender or age. There are bookmarks with different colors and additives, so you will find a suitable option for every taste. The tatting lace bookmark kit includes a bookmark and a package for storage. Master Karin Otsus .

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A bookmark is a good gift for a book lover all year round. The product was born out of a practical need – The interest in reading was accompanied by a desire to handle the book as sparingly as possible so as not to damage it or break corners in order to keep reading.

The tatting lace bookmark is suitable for both a birthday and the end of school or to start a new phase of life with a gift book. The tatting lace bookmark adds a cool addition to the gift book – it makes giving the book more personal and valuable. The read book later goes to the shelf, but the bookmark moves on to the next book and reminds of the gift maker.

The bookmark is made by hand, from cotton thread, in the uncommon tatting lace technique. It’s light and doesn’t damage the book. The pendant is made of metal and may vary from product to product. For shipping, the bookmark is threaded onto paper with a thicker window. The upper part is slightly starched.

Bookmarks made in the same technique, but in the shape of a cross, are widely used in Catholic countries, where they have become popular souvenirs to buy from the area visited. The lace patterns in this bookmark are inspired by the gloriest times of Räpina manor or Sillapää castle From the middle of the 19th century until the beginning of the 20th century, when ladies wore beautiful lace clothes, and lace adorned a large number of high-class textiles. Today, such a Victorian lace marks the special style of its wearer, even on a small accessory.

The lace pattern is made up of pairs knotted next to each other, each knot one by one – this is a job that requires a lot of time and precision. Due to the fact that the lace is formed from knots, it is more durable compared to conventional lace. No rupture. Does not sink into the loess. Keeps shape thanks to its strong structure. The high quality of the craftsmanship allows the object to last from generation to generation when used purposefully.

If you want to get a different color from the bookmark, the order can be made up to two weeks.


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