Large plate with berries


Large plate with painted colored berries. Such a large plate is practical in every home. Can be used as a cake tray, fruit platter or as a dinner plate. Diameter 28 cm, height 2 cm. Master Helemall Maask .

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Large plate with painted colored berries. Diameter 28 cm, height 2 cm.

A large plate with berries is inspired by the practical needs of the local cuisine of Lake Peipsi – a plate with a diameter of 28 cm can hold a decent stack of pancakes. Or, a handmade plate serves as a dignified base for a large smoked fish freshly brought from the oven. The mood created by the beautiful pattern allows you to place a large party cake on it.

The plate is designed in colors typical of the cultural area around Lake Peipus and with a pattern emphasizing local peculiarities. Where do these berry patterns come from, if not from your own garden. Having a personal garden brings freedom and creative space, symbolized by the red cherries and leaves that line the plate.

The plate pattern allows you to bring the beauty of nature from the yard to the room and from summer to winter. Memories of grandma’s cherry bush also make notes of closeness to nature resonate in the heart of a long-time city dweller. Thus, a large plate with a berry pattern evokes pleasant memories of a warm summer and a happy childhood in the countryside with grandmother. The design of the plate helps to alleviate the longing for summer and closeness to nature of a person living in the urban environment for a long time.

The low plate without a foot is made of natural-white high-heat clay with small brown fireclay dots. Spotted clay gives the berry pattern a background with a cute bird egg effect. The fireclay inside the clay improves both the molding properties and durability of the clay. Brown dots add a visual effect that creates a sense of country and home. When touched by the hand, the light sense of relief brings out the rough character of the local people, which is not boringly smooth, but offers a new feeling and emotion with each contact.

The berries, which are juicy in summer, are painted in angobe painting technique.

As the pattern is painted on each product by hand and without stencils, the pattern and color strength of the products may differ slightly. Such a large plate is practical in every home. Can be used as a cake tray, fruit platter or as a dinner plate.

High heat incineration ensures durability of the object in everyday use. The product is dishwasher safe.

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Dimensions 28 × 28 × 2 cm


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