Chocolate card with butterfly


Greeting card with a large pocket, made and decorated by hand. The pocket can hold both 100-gram chocolate and banknotes. A stylish and personal way to thank or remember someone for an important anniversary. Metal butterfly on the front of the card. Master Jaana Mäoma .

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A double-sided pocket card allows you to add a personalized congratulations to the chocolate gift bar or create a decent addition to a bigger gift for a particularly important anniversary. The card pocket can hold a sweet mouthful as well as some banknotes. Suitable for gifting separately or with another item.

Giving chocolate is a tradition with long roots. At the same time, chocolate is a consumer product available to everyone today, and so there is a lack of solemnity when handing over the usual sweet plate. When donating money, we also need a dignified envelope and a little unique addition to reduce the impersonality of the banknotes. A card with a pocket makes a congratulatory or thank-you note a special and memorable moment.

The unique design of the cards is inspired by the idyllic village environment of Mehikoorma on the shores of Lake Peipus, which is created by beautiful home gardens located close to each other. The village landscape with majestic roses, pastel perennial flowers and colorful butterflies provides the material for small artworks of decorative cardboard, various motifs, lace and ribbons. The whole village is connected by a narrow water connection between Lake Peipus and Lake Lämmi, which can show its stormy face in windy weather, waving like a fine lace pattern. In the production of the card, a harmony close to nature has been sought, which is created in a combination of natural and synthetic material.

Even with the help of a chocolate card with the same design, it is possible to achieve a very different mood: by supplementing the card with milk chocolate – you will enliven memories of a sweet childhood, excitingly filled dark chocolate offers contrasting taste experiences and bitter dark chocolate testifies to a special choice.

The card may differ slightly from the one in the picture due to the manual decoration technique. Chocolate bar not included.

Keywords: congratulations on the anniversary, chocolate pocket for the anniversary, thank you card, pocket card.

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Dimensions 11 × 21 × 1 cm

In red tones, White roses


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