Crochet basket


Hand-crocheted basket for storing items. This Nordic-style crocheted basket makes your home cozy and suitable for decorating various rooms. Height 15cm and diameter 20cm. The basket is hand-crocheted with a colored leotard. Master Jaana Mäoma .

The crochet basket made of crochete ribbion is well suited for storing the things you need for everyday use. If a plastic container or cardboard box has to be hidden from the eye, then a rustic handicraft basket is suitable not only for storing items but also for pleasing to the eye.

Be it cosmetics, children’s drawing tools or handicrafts – the crocheted basket is suitable for the bathroom, corridor or mirror table. The basket keeps your shelves and tables tidy and at the same time keeps everything you need at hand.

This country-like basket is inspired by the local tradition of Lake Peipus, where there have traditionally been many forest goods pickers – in the past, baskets were used for both mushrooms and blueberries, and vegetables and wool were stored in them. Handicrafts are also valued in the countryside, creating a direct connection between nature and the traditional way of life. The construction and material of the basket are breathable – it allows air to pass through and does not allow moisture to accumulate. This prevents mold from forming on the bottom of the basket in damp rooms.

The basket is crafted with a strong crochet technique to keep it in shape. However, care should be taken when transporting the basket. The edges are made higher so that objects do not fall apart.

The Nordic-style crocheted basket has a laconic, simple design and is not too pretentious in appearance. Thanks to this, it is suitable for different furniture and room design and does not disturb the eye.

Due to the handicraft technique, the size of the basket may vary by up to 10% and the product may differ slightly from what is captured in the photos.

Keywords: crochet basket, gift, home decor, home decorating

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 15 cm

Light blue stripe, Red, Dark blue


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