Diamond shape pendant with pearl


Diamond-shaped jewelry hand made using special technology. Necklace pendant made of oak and epoxy resin. The decoration is an orange glass pearl, which adds charm to the whole jewelry. Master Eneken Volkov .

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Diamond-shaped jewelry hand made using special technology. Pendant made of oak wood and epoxy resin.

This diamond-shaped necklace pendant is handmade by combining natural oak and artificial epoxy resin. Oak is a symbol of positive energy and vitality and longevity. The wood is carefully broken so that the playing resin reveals playful wood fibers. The geometrically polished shape reflects the light in the pendant and creates a charming visual effect. In addition, there is an orange glass bead inside the resin, which seems to float between sharp wood fibers.

The pendant is hand-molded and polished. This long process makes the surface silky smooth and the resin completely transparent like crystal clear water.

The pendant comes with a metal chain and is packed in a stylish dark blue box.

Suitable for those who want a unique and original jewelry and is also an ideal gift.

Colors may vary slightly on different computer monitors and under different lighting conditions.

Care: If necessary, you can clean the pendant with a dry soft cotton cloth. The pendant is very durable and does not break even if it falls off. Avoid direct long-term sunlight to maintain shine and transparency.

Materials: oak, epoxy resin

Size: height 60mm, width 23mm

Chain length: 45cm

Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 1.7 cm


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