Chokeberry wine


Räpina Creative House Chokeberry wine, semi-dry, 13.2%, 2018, 0.75l. The chokeberry wine made in the winery of Räpina Creative House is very berry and viscous. Master Olav Pihlapuu .

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If you are looking for a suitable substitute for red grape wine from Estonian berry wines, then this is a semi-dry chokeberry wine – definitely the right choice! Berry, viscous, tannin-rich deep red wine is just very good. Whether the smoked plums also show off in the aftertaste probably depends on the mood of the wine connoisseur.

Serve chilled to 10-12 degrees.

Strength 13.2% vol.

Contains allergens:

Total sulfur dioxide 43 mg / l SO₂

Sorbic acid 134 mg / l

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